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FN gives you numerous ways to explore knowledge

Please take a tour of the major tools designed for you to annotate, create notes and distribute them


FactualNote enables you to create knowledge by annotating the text that you read.Creating is an art.
You can use our text marker to highlight the texts in different colors
You can use our element marker to mark HTML elements in a webpage
You can use the callout option to elaborate on the marked content which can be used for future reference or for better understanding


Sharing is caring. Knowledge sharing is one of the key ideas behind FactualNote. By sharing the information that you read you impart the knowledge upon others
Marked content can be shared through email, facebook, twitter, reddit, pinterest.
Marked content can be made public to make it available for all.
Sharing increases your chances for making the content more relevant and enhances clarity.
Sharing makes the information reach at the right time.


FactualNote allows you manage the notes in an effiecient way so that retrieval is effective and easy. Most of the information on the internet is mismanaged. Mismanaged data is lost in the long run. FactualNote provides you with numerous tools to manage your data online.
Managing your data has never been so easier with FactualNote.
FactualNote allows you to categorize the data into folders of your choice.
FactualNote provides you with updates on the notes stored based on your preferences.
FactualNote provides you with a view of your notes in a chronological order.


Measuring what kind of notes are in your collections saves you a great deal of time and money.
Measuring enables one to self analyse the contents based on subject.
Measuring also enables you to compare your notes with someone else's and make enhancements to your existing content.
Measuring also enables you to send a content for the expert review to have it reviewed by an expert to publish it globally.
Measuring gives an bird's eye view of all your content on FactualNote.


FactualNote allows you make a collage of the notes and send it as a PDF or in any format that you wish There comes a need when you have done researching on a particular subject. Now you have the content in different notes arranged in different folders. The content as a whole can be tailored into multiple pages arranged with different notes from different sources. These notes can be arranged and stitched into a single page using the tools available with FactualNote. The same can be done for notes running into multiple pages. This tool will be handy for Journalists, Content Writers, Researchers who do an extensive research before publishing their work.